General composition of modern production
   The main production occupies 2 floors of the factory and is distributed among five areas:

  • section for cutting the details of the top;
  • section for cutting and processing of bottom parts;
  • section for assembling blanks of men's and women's shoes;
  • automatic shoe tightening line;
  • experimental site.

   The main manufacture occupies 2 floors and divided among five sections: Section for cutting upper details; Section for cutting and processing soles; Assembly section pieces for men and women's shoes; Line of automatic tightening of footwear; Experimental section. There are highly qualified specialists shoemakers at MIDA factory that successfully solves their tasks. We monitor the quality and improve our technology. But, despite all the improvements, a significant increase in the range and volume of production, the most important in politics of ZSF "MIDA 1992" is a combination of traditional production methods with modern market requirements shoes.

   Product Range And Features
   One of the main entry points for the manufacture of footwear is modeling. Analyzing trends in fashion, fashion designers, working in a ZSF "MIDA 1992" broaden its range of models and create new collection. Highly qualified and creative potential of designers helps to create current and future models. Design of models are conducted on modern techniques of Italian and domestic schools of modeling.

   Basic marketing goals and objectives of production
   Footholding in the footwear market in Ukraine by improving product quality without increasing prices. Increase the number of products by increasing production capacity, and as a result, achieve a higher level of sales, due to development of the regions, which have the potential implementation.

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